Devlog #5

Posted on Fri 06 March 2020 in Devlog

Synaptik Labs

Nothing new here other than some thoughts I had. I create two kinds of videos:

  1. one-off tutorial videos
  2. a video as part of a series where I build something.

Usually the videos are about 10 to 20 minutes long where I set out to accomplish a small task then end it. The raw video itself is easily an hour long, sometimes longer. But I end up editing so heavily that I reduce it to a smaller length. Unfortunately, this is process takes a lot of time and is what has caused me to lose motivation for working on SynaptikLabs.

I've been watching a series on YouTube recently where this guy is playing Oblivion. For me, it's incredibly interesting that he does very minor editing. He sets a 30 minute time limit and accomplishes whatever he accomplishes. It doesn't appear that he edits anything out other than when he does some obvious transitions. This is something that I'd like to try for my series videos once I get back to producing content for SynaptikLabs.


We integrate with Salesforce at work and had a feature request where we want our users to be able to see their login history. Initially, we were going to build and track this information ourselves but we found out that Salesforce tracks this information already. A coworker took on the feature and discovered that Salesforce has a LoginHistory table and a LoginGeo table. The LoginGeo table contains information as to where the user logged in from. The problem was it wasn't obvious as to how to join these two tables together since we have to use "SOQL". After some googling and a lot of digging, I found a buried Q&A on Stackexchange here. Basically, we can do something like this to get our data:

    SELECT SourceIp, LoginGeo.City FROM LoginHistory WHERE UserId = :id

This will produce a response object with a LoginGeo sub-object with the data we requested.