Devlog #10

Posted on Fri 10 April 2020 in Devlog

Synaptik Labs

I uploaded another video to the "Start Page 2.0" series. Overall, I think this is the best video of the series so far. It is still a bit boring, but I was able to actually move forward this time.

Code Along Blog

Dwayne and I streamed again this week. The integration with Firebase is mostly complete. I believe the only thing left to do is update the user every time they log in. We will create the user, but not update the users' data in case their name, photo, or email change.

We do need to work on our audio a bit. I think either I was too loud or Dwayne was too quiet.


This week I started working on a new project at work. I'll be focusing on an Android app with the potential to get into iOS as well. Very likely though, I'll touch on iOS when needed but put all of my energy into Android.

So far I've been concentrating on getting foundational support in place. Things like Jenkins, QoC reports (lint, unit tests, code coverage, etc), and better unit testing tools like Mockk.