Devlog #3

Posted on Fri 21 February 2020 in Devlog


I spent some time this week trying to fix the speed issues and layout issues that I have been seeing. The major speed bottleneck in the initial page load was the call to fetch all of the documents. It took a few seconds to fetch a few thousand results …

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Devlog #2

Posted on Fri 14 February 2020 in Devlog

  • Brary - Earlier this week I worked on the magazine ingestion part of the process. This exposed several issues that I need to address:

    • Cover images sometimes aren't rendered. I'm not exactly sure why but for some reason the API call to fetch the data for the particular magazine issue doesn't …

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Posted on Thu 13 February 2020 in Random

Today, I stumbled upon one of the first software programs I ever wrote: SFQue. I downloaded and ran it inside of DosBox just to take a look at what I had made. It was interesting to see it run and read the words that I wrote so long ago. My …

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Maildev is awesome

Posted on Wed 12 February 2020 in Random

This morning I stumbled on a reddit post where someone showed what containers they have running on their home network. I always find these kind of posts interesting as it provides insight into what kinds of containers are out there and how people might be using them. One of the …

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Devlog #1

Posted on Fri 07 February 2020 in Devlog

  • Date Range Picker - I grabbed this task at work last week and finally wrapped it up this week. Prior to this, our picker was modal-based and very small compared to the rest of the screen so it looked a bit empty. The new picker, in my opinion, looks very nice …

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New Site - Take 2

Posted on Sun 02 February 2020 in Random

After playing around with Pelican for a couple of hours this morning, I decided I really like it. It involves using Python (which is a language I'm not too familiar with), markdown for the posts and pages, and Git. Technically, you don't have to use Git, but I decided I …

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Thoughts About the New Site

Posted on Sun 02 February 2020 in Random

I’ve been using WordPress for a long time and have barely scratched the surface, but I can’t help but see it as “bloated”. Just looking at the DOM makes me uncomfortable and I don’t like it. I know it seems silly to care about things like this …

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New Site

Posted on Thu 30 January 2020 in Random

The other morning while scanning Hacker News I saw a link to the Wayback Machine. I hadn’t been there for a while and figured I’d look around. The first thing I looked at was my old websites. I couldn’t find my first website, Insanity’s Edge, nor …

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